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Fireplace Repair in Stoney Creek, Newmarket & Peterborough


Love your gas fireplace? So do we. But we know that a malfunctioning fireplace in your home is not just inconvenient. It can also be dangerous. Sooty buildups, clogged gas lines and incomplete venting can create potential gas leaks and carbon monoxide hazards. The fireplace repair experts at Aplus Heating & AC Services can take care of that for you. Call us for any gas fireplace repair in Newmarket. Peterborough or Stoney Creek and we will send out a diagnostic technician to get your fireplace back to its coziest, safest best.


Homeowners with wood burning fireplaces know that it’s important to make sure their chimneys are clean and their fireplaces in good repair. But gas fireplaces, despite their advantages, require their own maintenance and repair needs. As alway, when an indoor system relies on burning fuel, you can have potential for carbon monoxide. We suggest you maintain a carbon monoxide detector nearby. Are you smelling a gas leak? You can’t always rely on your nose since some gases don’t have detectable odors. But most gas companies are now adding an odorant so homeowners will be able to smell leaking fuel. If you suspect a gas leak, call a professional immediately.

Here are some other issues that may warrant a call to our professionals :

  • Pilot light will not stay lit
  • Gas orifices are clogged
  • Dirt and soot are building up on the safety glass
  • Ceramic logs are not properly placed or are deteriorating
  • Improper venting
  • Booming noises
  • Condensation is forming

It’s important to routinely pay attention and look for any of these signs that you may require a fireplace repair. If it’s been awhile since your fireplace has been looked at by a professional, it may be time for a check-up. Regular fireplace maintenance can assure a property functioning and safe unit.


When a fireplace repair is necessary, the fireplace experts at Aplus Heating & AC Services are the ones to call. We come to your home with complete diagnostic equipment to determine the cause of your issue and make a rapid and concise repair. We carry all parts with us so your repair will be simple and quick. No messy cleanups, either. We make sure to protect your flooring and furniture to ensure that we leave your home as clean as we found it.

We know how cozy a warm fireplace is on a cold winter day. But we want you to be safe. Properly repairing and maintaining your gas fireplace is fundamental to a safely functioning one. Our expert fireplace repair professionals at Aplus Heating & AC Services will be glad to make sure your fireplace is a trusted, safe one for the upcoming winter months. Call us for a checkup to ensure that your fireplace is ready when you are. We are the fireplace repair professionals you can trust.